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Get ready for the cold: Find the Perfect Dog Coat for the Harsh American Winter!

Get ready for the cold: Find the Perfect Dog Coat for the Harsh American Winter!

Winter is just around the corner, and it's time to think about keeping your furry friends both warm and stylish. Whether your dog is a couch potato or an adventurous trailblazer, we've got the scoop on the best dog coats to suit every pup's needs.

For the more laid-back dogs who enjoy leisurely strolls rather than energetic runs, a warm, insulated coat is a must. It's not just about warmth, though; think about your daily walking routes. If your dog loves exploring the great American countryside, you'll want a coat that can withstand a bit of mud and is easy to clean – because let's face it, dogs will be dogs!

Active dogs who join you in running or swimming will benefit from a specialized coat. Look for options that support their hydration needs or allow them to swim comfortably alongside you, such as our waterproof coats.

On the other hand, if your dog's ideal day out involves a leisurely walk to the local bar and cozying up by the fire, then style might be your top priority. Remember, fit is crucial for any dog coat. It should cover from the back of their neck to the tail base and be snug enough to avoid snagging on branches, but not so tight that it restricts movement. Always check the size guides and measure your dog before making a purchase.

Our American four-legged testers have rigorously tested a range of dog coats in various environments – from city sidewalks to sandy beaches. They've been worn for lengthy periods to assess comfort, fit, and ease of use. Plus, we've checked how effectively they retain warmth. Our diverse testers, including Luna the blonde labrador, Blue the springer-lab cross, and Hucky the black labrador, have given us valuable insights into which coats are the best for your pooch.

Here are our top insights for our essential collection of jackets for your furry family.

For our Nature lovers

Our original collection includes a gorgeous natural pattern, so that you and your furry family can be in unity with your surroundings when you go for walks. The yellow fabric shines in the sun so your dog can stand out even more.

Reversible Dog Raincoat in Yellow Reversible Dog Raincoat in Green



Go Big or Go Home!

For our free spirited adventurers ready to wonder of into the great American outdoors, we have something for you too. Check out our coats in beautiful eye-catching colors, including iridescent aqua blue and neon yellow with a tie dye design. Make your dog stand out, let their inner colors shine and be proud of your individuality with our limited edition collection.

Reversible Dog Raincoat in Neon Aqua Iridescent Reversible Dog Raincoat in Neon Aqua Iridescent



If you have enjoyed reading our articles especially curated for you, this is only the beginning. We will upload a more in depth review of all of our coats, including the most important aspects of the jackets, rated and reviewed by our beloved customers. Leave us a review and we will release our updated version of our pet news, a curated collection of everything that any pet owner and lover will ever need to read.

From everyone at Pawprintsco, we are excited to bring all our pet lovers and and owners to our all inclusive hub of pet love and community.

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