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Pawprintsco: Where Pets Aren't Just Animals, They're Healers

Pawprintsco: Where Pets Aren't Just Animals, They're Healers

From our wonderful team at Pawprintsco and all the amazing people we have met on our journey.

At Pawprintsco, we're not just about pets – we're about the magical bond they share with us, especially when times get tough. Meet Fuzzy, our star Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog, and his owners. Since 2022, this dynamic duo has been a beacon of joy and comfort. Our small team, while building this incredible business, has faced many family emergencies and we have been in and out of hospital. Like in many areas of our lives, we have noticed how much of a difference our Paw family makes to everyone.

Fuzzy, a six-year-old labrador with a knack for making people smile, is a regular visitor across various wards and departments. His presence offers more than just a friendly face; it's about companionship, relaxation, and emotional support for everyone – from patients to staff. In the realm of PAT, Fuzzy is a shining example, particularly for those who are anxious or recuperating and his gentle demeanor touches the lives of many, from young children to our senior patients.

Many people who we've spoken to agree pets have a massive impact on our lives, one that should be recognised and integrated more widely. People just as passionate about helping others who are suffering realized that pets like Fuzzy were born to be a symbol of hope and our healers. Fuzzy's owners shares:

"Choosing between schools or care homes was tough, but I saw the potential impact on the patients and staff. Bringing Fuzzy here is a beautiful way to volunteer and make a difference. We often wish we could have our dogs at work, and I'm lucky to do just that!

"Fuzzy's excitement is palpable each time he dons his little PAT bandana. He loves the attention, and frankly, who wouldn't?"

But it's not just Fuzzy who thrives on these interactions. For many patients, time with Fuzzy is a potent boost to their wellbeing. It's about the simple, yet profound comfort that pets provide, often missing in a hospital setting. Fuzzy's visits can evoke powerful memories, especially for dementia patients, unlocking priceless stories and smiles.

We're immensely proud to have Fuzzy as part of our Paw family. Their commitment to spreading happiness is invaluable. Fuzzy's playful spirit, empathetic nature, and wagging tail go a long way in enhancing the lives from patients, staff, pet owners, kids and more.

We encourage more people who are struggling, mentally or physically, to open their hearts to loving animals like Fuzzy. We all know how busy life can get, so take a moment to spend time with your pet and re-energise your spirit.

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