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Banana Bark Bar

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Introducing our Banana Bliss Squares, the ultimate treat that combines the sweet allure of banana with the decadent taste of carob.  Perfect for pets who love a bit of variety in their snack time, these plump, square cookies are a testament to the joy of indulging in simple, natural flavors.

 Key Highlights:

🐾  Delightful Composition: Each cookie is a plump square made with banana, dipped in luxurious carob for a rich flavor contrast.

🐾  Festive Touch: Adorned with fun sprinkles on top, adding a splash of color that changes with the seasons and holidays.

🐾  Wholesome Goodness: Crafted from all-natural, preservative-free ingredients for a healthy and guilt-free treat.

🐾  Convenience Pack: Comes in a case of 12, ensuring you always have these delightful treats on hand.

🐾  Freshness Guaranteed: Enjoy up to one month of freshness, with the option to freeze for extended enjoyment.

Give your pet the gift of gourmet snacking with our Banana Bliss Squares. Not only will they relish the delicious flavors, but you'll also feel good about providing them with a healthy, preservative-free treat. Let the celebration of taste begin!

Pack Of: 12