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Heart Throb Cookies

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Introducing the Vanilla Love Bites—a delectable treat that captures the essence of affection with every bite!  Fashioned into charming heart shapes, these cookies are a testament to the love you hold for your furry family members. Adorned with a delicate icing in shades of white and pink, and finished with a sprinkle of colorful, seasonal decorations, each cookie is a work of art.

 Key Highlights:

🐾   Seasonal Charm: Sprinkle colors vary with the seasons, bringing a festive touch to your pet's treat time.

🐾   Pack of Delight: Each case contains 12 heart-shaped treats, perfect for sharing the love.

🐾   Purely Natural: Made with all-natural, preservative-free ingredients for a healthy indulgence.

🐾   Lasting Freshness: Enjoy a 1-month shelf life, with the option to freeze for extended enjoyment.

Treat your beloved companion to our Vanilla Love Bites, where every cookie is baked with care and intended to spread joy and love. Perfect for special occasions or just because, these treats are sure to win the hearts of all who taste them!

Pack Of: 12