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Puppy Tart-Strawberry & Vanilla (small) - TOP DOG PICK

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Introducing our Petite Vanilla Almond Pup Tarts—a delightful treat that packs the essence of joy and celebration into every bite. Inspired by the beloved pop tart, this canine-friendly version brings a whirlwind of flavors, combining vanilla almond with the sweet tang of dried organic strawberries, all crowned with a luscious vanilla icing and cheerful, seasonal sprinkles.

Key Highlights:

🐾  Delectably Sweet: A scrumptious vanilla almond cookie base filled with the natural sweetness of dried organic strawberries.

🐾  Perfectly Petite: A smaller version of our large pup tart, ideal for treating more frequently or for smaller pups.

🐾  Festively Decorated: Topped with vanilla icing and vibrant, festive sprinkles, with colors that vary by season and holiday.

🐾  Wholesomely Natural: Made from all-natural, preservative-free ingredients for a healthy, simple treat.

🐾  Freshness Ensured: Enjoy fresh for up to 1 month or extend shelf life by freezing.

Packaged in a case of 12, these Petite Vanilla Almond Pup Tarts offer a delicious way to show your furry friends some extra love, whether it's a special occasion or just because. Let every treat be a mini celebration of the bond you share with your pup.

Pack Of: 12