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Snicker'Poodle Haagen Dogz - TOP DOG PICK

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Indulge your pet in the ultimate sweet treat with our Cinnamon Honey Delight Cake Ball Treats.  Perfectly blending the warm flavors of cinnamon and honey into a cake ball, these treats are a testament to our commitment to gourmet quality and pet satisfaction.

 Key Highlights:

🐾   Unique Flavor Fusion: A delectable cinnamon honey cake ball, delivering a comforting, homemade taste.

🐾   Playful Presentation: Each cake ball sits atop a mini vanilla ice cream cone, dipped in peanut butter and adorned with colorful sprinkles for an eye-catching treat.

🐾   Iced to Perfection: A lavish topping of vanilla icing and an extra sprinkle of joy to ensure every bite is as delightful as the last.

🐾   Premium Ingredients: Made from all-natural, preservative-free components, ensuring your pet enjoys not only a tasty but also a wholesome snack.

🐾   Generously Sized: Offered in a large size, making each treat a substantial and satisfying reward.

🐾   Seasonally Inspired: Sprinkle colors vary with seasons and holidays, adding a festive flair to your pet's treat time.

🐾   Freshness Guaranteed: Enjoy these bakery-fresh treats within 1 month or extend their indulgence by freezing.

Presented in a case of 12, our Cinnamon Honey Delight Cake Ball Treats are designed to pamper your pet with every nibble. Elevate your pet's snack time with these artisanal, health-conscious treats that promise a burst of flavor and fun with every bite.

Pack Of: 12