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Woof Bones

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Elevate your furry friend's snack time with our delightful vanilla bone cookies, meticulously handcrafted to bring joy and nutrition to every bite. Perfect for pet parents who prioritize health without compromising on taste, these treats are a fusion of wholesome goodness and festive charm, making every moment special.

Key Highlights:

🐾  Exquisitely iced in white vanilla and elegantly trimmed in pink vanilla, with a charming carob "WOOF" inscription at the center, offering a visually appealing treat.

🐾  Sprinkle colors vary to celebrate the season or upcoming holidays, adding a fun twist to your pet’s treat time.

🐾  Presented in a treat case of 12, ensuring you always have these delightful treats on hand.

🐾  Proudly all-natural and preservative-free, crafted with healthy and straightforward ingredients for your peace of mind.

🐾  With a shelf life of 1 month, these treats maintain their freshness and flavor. For those who like to plan ahead, they can be frozen to extend shelf life, ensuring your pet can enjoy these delectable snacks anytime.

🐾  Discover the perfect balance of taste and health with our Blue Cerebus vanilla bone cookies, designed to delight both you and your pup. Don't miss out on the chance to make every treat time a celebration with these exquisite cookies.

Pack Of: 12