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Blue Spruce Plaid Dog Bandana

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Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1
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Our dog bandanas aren't just accessories; they're a statement of fun and comfort for your adventurous fur family. Crafted from a silky-smooth material that's kind to your dog's fur and skin, these bandanas are perfect for those who love to leap, sprint, and explore. Plus, they dry super quickly, meaning your pooch won't stay wet after a dash through the sprinklers or a swim in the lake.

Why You'll Love Our Bandanas:

🐾   Quick-Drying Comfort: Wet dog smell? Not here! Our bandanas dry so fast, your dog won't even have time to shake off.

🐾   Featherlight & Airy: Designed to let your dog's skin breathe, making it the perfect all-day wear, even in the heat of summer.

🐾   Stand Out in Style: With vivid colors and fun patterns, your dog will be the trendsetter of the park. Plus, these designs are made to match perfectly with our collars, leashes, hats, keychains, and everything else in the Carmen Collection.

🐾   Just the Right Stretch: Our bandanas are made with a slight stretch to snugly fit your dog's neck, ensuring it stays put through all their adventures.

Give your dog the gift of style and comfort with a bandana that's as active and vibrant as they are.

We believe in embracing the winter's palette and bringing its unique colors into your and your furry friend's wardrobe. With our Siberian Spruce collection, we're not just wearing the season; we're celebrating the rich, natural shades that make winter truly magical.

Join us in expressing your love for this frosty season with style that speaks of the great outdoors and the warmth of vibrant green amidst the snow.

Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1