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Adventurer 2-Piece Dog Pack With EZ Latch Harness

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Color: Retro
Pack Of: 1
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Elevate Your Adventure: Essential Gear for Your Four-Legged Companion


🐾 Versatile Design: Transform your journey with our multi-functional gear, ideal for any adventure with your furry friend. Each pack seamlessly integrates with our vibrant color collection, ensuring style meets function.

🐾  Harness-Only Option: Simply detach the saddlebags for a streamlined harness, perfect for lighter travels.

🐾  EZ Fit Technology: Experience hassle-free adjustments. Our EZ Fit Straps, equipped with locking Velcro, guarantee a quick, snug fit.

🐾  Secure Locking: Trust in our EZ Fit Buckles, designed to latch securely, with excess straps neatly tucked away in rubber loops.

🐾  Effortless Saddlebag Attachment: Our EZ Latch Saddlebags offer a smooth slide and lock mechanism, ensuring easy attachment and removal.

🐾  Rapid Customization: Tailor the fit in a snap, with adjustments possible in 30 seconds or less.

🐾  Robust Build: Crafted for the outdoors, our packs are water-resistant, durable, and reinforced with triple stitching.


  • Size: Small (ideal for a wide range of breeds)
  • Chest Fit: 17-22 inches for a comfortable, secure embrace.
  • Neck Fit: 10-14 inches, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • Bonus: Each pack includes the Kobuk Water Bladder, keeping your pet hydrated on the go.

Care Instructions:

  • To maintain the integrity and aesthetics of your gear, adhere to our recommended care practices. Regular cleaning and inspections will extend its life and performance.


  • How simple is it to adjust the fit?
    • With our EZ Fit system, customizing the fit is straightforward and efficient, usually taking less than 30 seconds.

Important Disclaimers:

  • Fit and Comfort: It's vital to select the correct size for your pet's comfort and safety. Incorrect sizing can lead to discomfort or potential injury.
  • Durability: While built for durability, regular checks for wear and tear are recommended to ensure ongoing safety and functionality.
  • Use and Care: Proper usage and adherence to care instructions will significantly enhance the product's lifespan and performance.


Color: Retro
Pack Of: 1