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Blue Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar

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Size: 11 - 13 INCH
Pack Of: 1
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Embark on a journey through the magical realm of Winter's Orchid Oasis with our Blue-Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar, where elegance meets the resilience of winter. This collar is a testament to the serene beauty of orchids amid a snow-kissed landscape, designed to keep your furry companion fresh and stylish through any weather. With its waterproof and odor-proof features, coupled with a durable D-ring and an easy-to-use oversized quick-release buckle, this collar promises both comfort and reliability. Its vibrant two-tone design adds a lively pop of color to the winter scenery, ensuring your pet stands out in style.

Offering a perfect blend of form and function, the Blue-Sky Orchid Waterproof Dog Collar comes in various sizes to ensure a snug fit for every pet, enhancing their winter escapades with confidence and flair. Let your furry friend capture the essence of Winter's Orchid Oasis and make every snowy adventure a memorable one. With this collar, your pet doesn’t just step out in style; they embody the enchanting contrast of a winter wonderland warmed by the spirit of orchids.

🐾 Waterproof & Odor-proof: Ensures the collar remains fresh and clean, repelling water and preventing odors for a worry-free experience in any weather.

🐾 Heavy-Duty & Secure: Features an overbuilt design with a sturdy D-ring for enhanced safety and peace of mind during walks and adventures.

🐾 Custom Fit & Stylish: Available in multiple sizes, with widths of 2.5cm for XS and SM, and 3cm for larger sizes, offering a tailored look and perfect fit for every dog.

🐾Seasonal Dual-Colour Design: Boasts an elegant, dual-tone design that complements your dog's wardrobe in any season, adding a touch of style to their daily outings.

🐾 Secure Quick-Release Buckle: Incorporates an oversized buckle for maximum safety and convenience, ensuring the collar remains securely fastened on your dog at all times.

Size: 11 - 13 INCH
Pack Of: 1