Aria the fox

Champagne Fizz Vegan Leather Dog Collar

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Size: 11 - 13 INCH
Pack Of: 1
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Embrace the essence of spring celebrations with the exquisitely crafted Champagne Fizz Vegan Leather Collar from Aria the Fox. This collar is more than just a fashion statement for your four-legged companion; it's a tribute to the vibrant spirit of springtime joy and triumphs.

Infused with the effervescent charm of a champagne toast, its luxurious shade embodies the excitement of festive moments. Crafted from high-quality vegan leather, it offers not only an ethical elegance but also remarkable durability. Complemented by a water-resistant coating, this collar is designed to keep your pet's parade through the petals as pristine as the blooming flowers.

With effortless cleaning—just a simple swipe with a damp cloth—your companion's chic look is easily maintained, free from the hassle of unwanted stains.

Elevate your pup's wardrobe this spring with the Champagne Fizz collar—where style meets substance, and every walk becomes a celebration. Ready for a transformation? Adorn your furry friend with this collar and watch as they turn every pathway into a runway, making this spring season truly memorable. 🦴❤️ 

🐾  Celebratory champagne-inspired hue

 🐾 Durable vegan leather

🐾 Water resistant coating

🐾 Easy to clean with a damp cloth

Size: 11 - 13 INCH
Pack Of: 1