Critter Dome Sleep and Play House

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Petique's Critter Dome Sleep and Play House provides efficient heat preservation to keep your critter away from the cold, especially during the winter. It offers a private, den-like environment to imitate their natural habitat that helps them feel more secure, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety. Small critters naturally dig holes as spaces for sleeping, safety from predators, or wanting time away from social contact. This hole will operate as a safe haven for all types of tiny critters. This is not indicated for any one animal but please have a look at the size to determine if it is right for your furry friend.

🐾 Designed to give your pet a sense of safety 
🐾 Comfortable soft material that provides security & a great place to snuggle in
🐾 Durable fabric to resist scratching
🐾  A little hole for your pets to pop their head out or for you to play with them
🐾 The material keeps your pets warm during the winter and cool during the summer


  • Provides a comfortable and fun environment for your small pet to enjoy themselves
  • Provides security for small pets to play, nestle, and cuddle in
  • Reduces stress and anxiety in pets who do not like to be exposed
  • Creates an environment that imitates there natural habitat similar to a burrow or a den where small animals are accustomed to hiding in
  • For pets who are shy
  • For pets who love to play
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Critter Dome Sleep and Play House benefits you and your pets
Care Instructions
  • Machine washable (gentle machine wash with laundry wash bag), delicate cycle and tumble dry on no heat
  • Do not bleach
  • Keep away from heat or open flame



18.7"L X 18.7"W X 7.87"H

Pack Of: 1