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Divine Plus Dog Blanket

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Color: Black
Pack Of: 1
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Presenting the Divine Plus Blankets by Hello Doggie: A Paradigm of Luxury for Your Cherished Pets

The Divine Plus Blankets collection, a new addition to Hello Doggie's luxurious range, is specially crafted for the sophisticated pet owner who seeks to provide their beloved prince and princess pets with unmatched comfort and style. Embracing elegance and premium quality, this collection is a perfect blend of luxury and practicality. 

Exquisite Features:

🐾  Premium Plush Fabric: Each blanket is made from the softest, high-end plush fabric, offering a haven of comfort for your pet to sink into bliss.

🐾  Elegant Design: The Divine Plus Blankets complement the divine bed, creating a harmonious and stylish resting place for your pet.

🐾  Dual-Sided Luxury: Now featuring double-sided fabric, these blankets provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort.

🐾  Care and Maintenance: Machine washable for convenience, these blankets can be cleaned in cold water with mild detergent on a delicate cycle. For longevity, air drying or air fluffing without heat is advised. For optimal care, dry cleaning is recommended.

🐾  Color Varieties: Available in a range of sophisticated shades - Espresso, Ice, Blush, Black, Heaven, and Dove Grey - to suit your and your pet’s style preferences.

🐾  All are handmade in Davie Florida

The Divine Plus Blankets by Hello Doggie are not just pet accessories; they are a statement of your commitment to the comfort and well-being of your furry family members. Indulge your pets in the lap of luxury, ensuring their relaxation and sleep are as stylish and comfortable as the life you share with them.

Color: Black
Pack Of: 1