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Dog Rope Leash - Mint To Be

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🐾 Introducing the Mint to Be Light Green Leash – Refresh Your Walks 🐾

Elevate your dog's accessory collection with our exclusive "Mint to Be" Light Green Leash. Perfect for the stylish pet owner, this leash combines aesthetics with functionality, offering versatility for every outing.

🐕 Key Features: 

🐾  Refreshing Mint Green Color: A soothing and stylish shade that adds a pop of color to your daily walks.

    🐾  Charming Design : Beautiful luxe rose gold hardware with a matching rose gold dog charm and accessory ring

    🐾  Hands-Free Design: Enjoy the convenience of a hands-free option that allows you to freely multitask while ensuring your pet’s safety.

      🐾  Crafted for Durability: Made from strong, 100% cotton rope dyed with natural colors and hand-spliced with whipped ends to ensure durability and resistance.
          🐾  Thick and Comfortable: The 3/5" thick rope provides a comfortable grip that makes walking your dog a pleasure.
            🐾  Care Instructions: Easy maintenance; simply hand wash or spot clean with soap and water and hang to dry.
              🐾  Longevity and Wear: While the rose gold hardware is designed to be durable, it may develop a unique patina over time, enhancing its character.

                🐾  Unique Hand-Dyed Rope: Due to the hand-dyed nature of the rope, expect slight variations in color, giving each leash a unique touch.

                🐾  🐶 Dive into a world of style and practicality with our Mint to Be Light Green Leash. It’s designed not just for looks but for a lifetime of walks and adventures, blending seamlessly into both urban and natural settings.