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Dolce Dog Bed,

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Color: Ice
Pack Of: 1
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Introducing Hello Doggie's latest addition to our pet bed collection - the Dolce Bed. Expertly crafted for ultimate comfort, this bed features luxurious soft-cuddle fabric and a plush poly-fiber fill, making it the perfect haven for your pet's relaxation and cuddle time.


🐾   Luxurious Comfort: Made with premium soft-cuddle fabric for a cozy resting experience.

🐾   Supportive Fill: Stuffed with 100% poly-fiber to provide ample cushioning and support.

🐾   Safety First: Equipped with a non-slip floor to keep the bed stable and secure.

🐾   Stylish Accents: Includes a removable decorative bow, adding a touch of elegance.

🐾   Color Variety: Available in four exquisite colors to match your home decor.


  • Material: High-quality soft-cuddle fabric with poly-fiber fill.
  • Safety Feature: Non-slip floor for stability.
  • Additional Feature: Removable pillow and decorative bow.
  • Color Options: Four beautiful color choices.
  • Care: Machine washable on a gentle cycle.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash the bed in a gentle cycle without bleach or fabric softener.
  • Dry on low heat or air dry to maintain its brand-new look.
  • Removable parts should be washed separately for best results.


  1. Is the pillow inside the bed also washable? Yes, the removable pillow can be washed, ensuring easy maintenance.

  2. Can this bed be used for cats as well? Absolutely, the Dolce Bed is suitable for both dogs and cats who enjoy luxurious comfort.

  3. Are the materials used in the bed safe for pets? Yes, we use pet-safe materials, ensuring the well-being of your furry friend.

  4. How do I choose the right size bed for my pet? Currently, the Dolce Bed is available in one size, ideal for small to medium-sized pets.

Color: Ice
Pack Of: 1