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Dr. Becker's BIG Appetite Flakes

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Size: 15 OZ
Pack Of: 1
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Introducing our BIG Appetite Flakes, a game-changer in pet nutrition and the answer to our customers' requests for more of the good stuff! For over 15 years, our original Appetite Flakes have been a trailblazer in the market, consistently winning over pets and their owners with its irresistible flavor and effectiveness as an appetite stimulant. Now, we're taking things to the next level by packing nearly four times the amount of flakes into our new, larger container – offering the same beloved formula with even greater value.

🐾  Larger Size: After hearing your feedback, we're thrilled to offer our BIG Appetite Flakes, ensuring your beloved pets have a generous supply of their favorite taste enhancer.

🐾  Consistent Quality: Maintaining the exact same high-quality ingredients as our original formula, these flakes continue to be made from 100% beef and bison liver, offering unparalleled taste.

🐾  Ideal for Transitioning Diets: Perfect for pets adjusting to new foods, our flakes make mealtime appealing again, easing the transition with their enticing flavor.

🐾  Solution for Finicky Eaters: Struggling with a picky eater? These flakes are the secret weapon for pets who need a little extra encouragement to dine.

🐾  Versatile Topper: Beyond just stimulating appetite, our flakes serve as a loving gesture, letting your pets know just how much you care by enriching their meals with a sprinkle of love and flavor.

Ingredients: Beef Liver and Bison Liver 

Guaranteed Analysis: 

🐾 Crude Protein (min.) 60% 

🐾 Crude Fat (min.) 5.5% 

🐾 Crude Fiber (max.) 1% 

🐾 Moisture (max.) 11%

🥣  Feeding Instruction: Sprinkle over top of your pet's food.

By popular demand, our BIG Appetite Flakes are here to ensure that your pets' meals are not only nutritious but also irresistibly delicious. With this value-added product, your investment goes further, and your pets' appetites are awakened. Dive into the goodness of our BIG Appetite Flakes and watch your pets relish every bite!

Size: 15 OZ
Pack Of: 1