Dr Becker

Dr. Becker's WARRIOR Bites

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Introducing our GIVE BACK program, featuring a premium treat that stands out in the pet community and has garnered praise nationwide. Our 100% all-meat treat, crafted from USDA inspected human-grade beef liver, sets a new standard for pet snacks. 

Main Features:

🐾   Single Ingredient Magic: The only component is beef liver, making it as natural as it gets.

🐾   Uncompromised Quality: Grain-free, gluten-free, filler-free, and GMO-free for your pet's well-being.

🐾   All-Natural Promise: With meat as the sole ingredient, this treat embodies the essence of a natural diet.

🐾   Health-Conscious Choice: Perfect for pets navigating weight management, allergies, diabetes, and other health concerns.

Our GIVE BACK program's treats are not just a delicious indulgence for your furry friends; they're a commitment to their health and happiness. Your pet will undoubtedly taste the difference and benefit from a treat designed with their well-being in mind.

Size: 5 OZ
Pack Of: 1