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Eclipse Blue Compressible Waterproof Dog Sleeping Mat

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Introducing the Alpha Pak Eclipse Blue Sleeping Mat, a perfect blend of comfort and durability for your outdoor adventures with your furry friend. Crafted with a lightweight, water-resistant top and a waterproof bottom, this mat is designed to provide a cozy and dry resting spot for your dog in any environment.



🐾   Soft and Water-Resistant Top: Made with a blend of cotton and polyester, ensuring softness and resistance to moisture.

    🐾   Waterproof Bottom: Offers excellent protection against damp surfaces, keeping your pet dry and comfortable.
      🐾   Portable Design: Easily compressible and compact, with an included stuffing bag for convenient transport and storage.
        🐾   Practical Tie-Down Loops: Equipped with tie-down loops on the bottom for secure placement in various outdoor settings.
          🐾   High-Performance Dog Gear: Part of Alpha Pak's range of high-quality dog accessories, designed to enhance outdoor experiences.
          • Specifications:

            • Material: Cotton polyester top, waterproof bottom
            • Size: Eclipse Blue Sleeping Mat
            • Additional Features: Compressible, tie-down loops, includes a stuffing bag

            Care Instructions:

            • Machine washable for easy cleaning.
            • Air dry to maintain the quality and longevity of the materials.
            • Store in the included stuffing bag to keep it compact and protected when not in use.


            1. Is this sleeping mat suitable for all dog sizes? The mat is designed to accommodate various dog sizes, but please check dimensions for best fit.

            2. Can this mat be used indoors as well? Absolutely, its versatile design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

            3. How durable is the mat for regular outdoor use? It's crafted with high-quality materials, making it durable for regular use in outdoor environments.

            4. Is the mat easy to clean after outdoor activities? Yes, it's machine washable, making cleaning hassle-free and convenient.

          Pack Of: 1