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Elements 10MM Kernmantle Rope Leash

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Size: 30 INCHES
Pack Of: 1
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Embark on every adventure with confidence using our Alpha Pak Kernmantle Climbing Rope Leash. This leash, boasting unparalleled strength and flexibility, is designed for the active pet and owner. Featuring a robust construction and a versatile design, it's the ultimate leash for everything from daily walks to challenging hikes.


🐾   Kernmantle Rope Construction: Built with an interior core protected by a woven exterior sheath, ensuring optimal strength, durability, and flexibility.

🐾   D-Shaped Carabiner: Offers added pull strength with a spring-hinged side for secure attachment, commonly used in climbing scenarios.

🐾   Adjustable Length: Easily modify the leash length by removing the carabiner and retying the knot.

🐾   Slip-Lead Conversion: Can be transformed into a slip-lead leash for training purposes or better control of stronger dogs.

🐾   Comfortable Handle: Equipped with a soft cover on the handle for a comfortable grip during extended walks or hikes.

🐾   Stylish Colors: Available in light blue and pink, complementing the rest of the vibrant collection.


  • Material: Kernmantle climbing rope with a D-shaped carabiner
  • Size: 30 inches
  • Color Options: Light Blue, Pink
  • Collection Compatibility: Matches with Alpha Pak's range of dog collars and backpacks

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed.
  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.


  1. Is this leash suitable for large and strong dogs? Absolutely, its Kernmantle rope construction and carabiner design make it ideal for larger breeds and strong pullers.

  2. How do I adjust the leash length? The length can be adjusted by removing the carabiner and retying the knot to your desired length.

  3. Can the leash be used for training? Yes, it can be converted into a slip-lead leash, which is useful for training or managing stronger dogs.

  4. Is the handle comfortable for long walks? Yes, the handle is covered with a soft material, providing comfort during prolonged use.


Size: 30 INCHES
Pack Of: 1