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Evergreen Explorer Dog Bandana

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Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
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Explore the Magic of Mossy Pine Trails

Wrap your furry friend in the enchanting beauty of a pine forest with the Evergreen Explorer Dog Bandana. Inspired by the vibrant hues of pine trees, this bandana features a symphony of greens, evoking the magic of these trees. The quick-drying, lightweight, and breathable fabric ensures your pup's comfort, while the vivid colors perfectly coordinate with the Mossy Pine Trails collection. With its slightly stretch fabric, this bandana stays securely in place, adding style and happiness to every adventure.

Dress your pup in the essence of the great outdoors and elevate their style to new heights. After all, a fashionable furry friend is a joy forever. Let the Mossy Pine Trails Collection transform your walks into adventures through winter's wonderland, where every moment is a celebration of nature's timeless beauty.

🐾   Quick-Drying Comfort: Wet dog smell? Not here! Our bandanas dry so fast, your dog won't even have time to shake off.

🐾   Featherlight & Airy: Designed to let your dog's skin breathe, making it the perfect all-day wear, even in the heat of summer.

🐾   Stand Out in Style: With vivid colors and fun patterns, your dog will be the trendsetter of the park. Plus, these designs are made to match perfectly with our collars, leashes, hats, keychains, and everything else in the Carmen Collection.

🐾   Just the Right Stretch: Our bandanas are made with a slight stretch to snugly fit your dog's neck, ensuring it stays put through all their adventures.


 Dive into the heart of winter's majesty with our Mossy Pine Trails Collection, where the evergreen beauty of pine trees takes center stage. Imagine wandering through a serene pine forest, each step enveloping you in a world where nature's magic is alive and thriving. This collection captures the vibrant hues of pine trees during the chilly winter months, bringing a piece of that enchantment into your life.

Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1