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GF Pet Ice bandana

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Color: Blue
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 COOLFRESH™ Technology: Features a unique ice-cooling net within an ultra-absorbing fabric, offering extended cooling compared to regular fabrics, without relying on chemicals.

Easy to Use: Simply wet, wring, and wear. Re-wet as needed to maintain cooling effect.



🐾  Material: Ultra-absorbing fabric with embedded ice-cooling net

🐾  Care: Hand wash only with soap. Store dry when not in use.

🐾  Size: Available in various sizes (ensure you choose the correct size for your pet)

 Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only using soap.
  • Store the bandana dry when not in use to prolong its life.
  • It may be damp upon unpacking; always wet the bandana before unfolding to avoid tearing.

FAQ: Q: How often do I need to re-wet the bandana? A: Re-wet the bandana whenever the water evaporates to continue the cooling effect.

Q: Is the ICE-BAND® suitable for all dog breeds? A: Yes, but make sure to select the right size for your pet for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Important Disclaimer: Due to the antibacterial nature of the ICE-BAND® Dog Cooling Bandana, it is considered FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges can be accepted. Always supervise your pet while using this product to ensure safety. Choose the correct size for your pet to ensure the best fit.

Color: Blue
Pack Of: 1