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Hands Free Rope Leash - caroline

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Size: 7 Feet
Style: Caroline
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🐾 Introducing the Exquisite Caroline Leash: Where Function Meets Pastel Perfection 🐾


Discover the beauty of simplicity with our exclusive Caroline leash, designed for pet owners who appreciate a touch of elegance and versatility in their dog’s accessories. The Caroline leash shines in lovely pastel hues, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional design.

🐕 Key Features: 

🐾  Elegant Pastel Palette: Embrace the soft, calming shades of our Caroline leash, perfect for adding a sophisticated splash of color to your daily walks.

🐾  Customizable Comfort: Featuring adjustable O-rings, this leash allows multiple configurations to suit your and your pet's needs, ensuring comfort with every step.

🐾  Hands-Free Ease: Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, this leash offers a hands-free option to keep up with your daily activities without sacrificing control or safety.

🐾  Durable Materials: Crafted from 100% strong cotton rope dyed with natural substances, ensuring durability and safety for everyday use.

🐾  Enhanced Strength: Each leash is meticulously hand-spliced with ends whipped for added durability, ready to withstand the enthusiasm of any energetic pup.

🐾  Luxurious Touches: Adorned with rose gold hardware that complements the pastel rope, plus a matching dog charm and accessory ring for a chic, cohesive look.

🐾  Optimal Thickness: The 3/5" thick rope ensures a comfortable grip, making it ideal for long walks or quick jaunts around the block.

🐾  Care Instructions: Simply hand wash or spot clean with soap and water, then hang to dry, keeping your leash looking fresh and vibrant. We do not recommend rough play in these leashes or wearing them in salt water and/or muddy areas.

🐾  Natural Patina: The rose gold hardware is beautifully designed to age gracefully, developing a unique patina that adds character over time.

🐾  Unique Finish: As each leash is hand-dyed, slight variations in color may occur, making your leash as unique as your beloved pet.

🐶 Step out in Style with the Caroline Leash, your perfect companion for creating memorable moments in every stroll. This leash not only promises to keep your pet secure but also enhances your outdoor ensemble with its subtle yet stunning pastel charm. Whether you're headed to the park or paving the city streets, the Caroline leash is your go-to for stylish, reliable pet gear.

    Size: 7 Feet
    Style: Caroline