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Hands Free Rope Leash - Dandelion

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Size: 7 Feet
Style: Dandelion
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🐾 Introducing the Exclusive Dandelion Leash – A Touch of Sunshine for Your Daily Walks 🐾


Brighten up your daily strolls with our exclusive Dandelion leash, where functionality meets a splash of light yellow charm. This leash is designed for those who appreciate a pop of color and innovative design in their pet's accessories.

🐕 Key Features: 

🐾  Sunshine Yellow: Embrace the light yellow hue of our Dandelion leash that radiates warmth and joy, enhancing your pet’s visibility and style.

🐾  Customizable Comfort:  Adjustable O-rings offer multiple configuration options to suit your walking preferences, ensuring both you and your pet enjoy comfort and versatility on your walks.

🐾  Hands-Free Adaptability: Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, this leash offers a hands-free option for effortless adventures.


🐾  Premium Materials: Crafted from strong, 100% cotton rope with natural dyes for lasting durability and safety.

🐾  Exceptional Craftsmanship: The rope is meticulously hand-spliced, and the ends are whipped to ensure maximum durability and strength.

🐾  Luxurious Rose Gold Accents: Outfitted with elegant rose gold hardware, complemented by a matching dog charm and accessory ring for a touch of luxury.

🐾  Ideal Thickness: The 3/5" thickness provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle yet sturdy enough for secure walking.

🐾  Care Instructions : Simple maintenance—hand wash or spot clean with soap and water, then hang to dry. We do not recommend rough play in these leashes or wearing them in salt water and/or muddy areas

🐾  Elegant Aging: The rose gold hardware is designed to gracefully develop a patina over time, adding character to the leash.

🐾  Artisanal Touch: Each leash is unique due to its hand-dyed nature, leading to slight variations in color that make your leash one-of-a-kind.

🐶 Step into the light with our Dandelion Leash, the perfect choice for pet owners who want to add a vibrant touch to their outdoor activities. Whether it’s a quick jog or a leisurely park visit, this leash combines style, safety, and practicality for the ultimate walking experience. 

Size: 7 Feet
Style: Dandelion