Alpha Pak

Junction 10MM Kernmantle Rope Leash

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Size: 30 INCHES
Pack Of: 1
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Introducing Alpha Pak's Climbing Rope Leash – a fusion of robust design and versatility, crafted to meet the needs of the adventurous dog and their owner. Constructed with premium Kernmantle climbing rope, this leash boasts an intricate design where a durable, woven exterior sheath encases a strong inner core, ensuring unparalleled strength, flexibility, and endurance for any outdoor pursuit.

🐾   The leash features a D-shaped carabiner, known for its significant pull strength and a spring-hinged side that serves as a secure connector. This detail is inspired by climbing gear, allowing for smooth rope movement and offering an extra layer of reliability.

🐾   For added versatility, this leash allows you to adjust its length by simply removing the carabiner and retying the knot. It effortlessly transforms into a slip-lead leash, providing an efficient training tool or ensuring better control over a spirited pup.

🐾   We've also incorporated a soft cover on the handle, creating the ultimate leash that transitions seamlessly from urban walks to mountain hikes. Available in vibrant light green, jazz blue, and yellow, it complements the rest of our colorful collection beautifully.

🐾   Experience unmatched strength and toughness with Alpha Pak's Climbing Rope Leash, the perfect accessory for dogs that thrive on adventure. Explore our selection of durable and stylish dog collars to find the perfect match for your leash.

🐾   Size: 30 inches - crafted for durability and style, Alpha Pak invites you to explore the great outdoors with confidence.



Size: 30 INCHES
Pack Of: 1