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Leopard Parade Reversible Dog Harness

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Introducing the next level in canine comfort and style: our Best-Selling Harness, now with an Improved Fit and even More Adjustability for your beloved pup. This harness isn't just a piece of walking gear; it's a statement of fashion and functionality, adorned with stunning gold hardware and boasting a soft, luxurious feel. What sets this harness apart is its reversibility, offering two chic looks in one and compatibility with our mix & match accessories for endless style possibilities.

 Key Features:

 🐾  Part of our exclusive collection with renowned artist Danika Herrick, the "Leopard Parade" side showcases watercolor leopards on a lush deep green background, while "Endless Path" offers a serene Columbia blue backdrop with a mesmerizing white heat wave pattern. This harness promises to elevate your dog's wardrobe, making them the center of attention wherever they go.

🐾  In the realm of dog fashion, exclusivity reigns supreme. Our collections, produced in limited quantities, ensure your pup's look remains as unique and fabulous as they are. Secure the "Leopard Parade Reversible Dog Harness" now, and let your furry friend strut their stuff in unmatched style.

🐾  Enhanced adjustability ensures a perfect fit for your pup, providing comfort and security on every outing.

🐾  Reversible design doubles your styling options, featuring our "Leopard Parade" and "Endless Path" prints for versatile fashion statements.

🐾  Premium gold hardware adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your dog's ensemble.

🐾  Soft, high-quality materials guarantee comfort for your pup without compromising on style.





Size: XS
Pack Of: 1