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Lumps And Bumps Capsules - Irregular Tissue Support: For Dogs And Cats

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Size: DOG 90 CAPSULES 450 MG.
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Introducing LUMPS AND BUMPS CAPSULES for DOGS and CATS, a meticulously formulated supplement designed to address the common issue of irregular tissue growths in pets. As our beloved furry friends age, they often develop lumps and bumps similar to humans, which can be a cause for concern. These capsules offer a blend of rainforest herbs known for their antioxidant, free-radical scavenging, and anti-mutagenic properties, targeting the irregular growths and masses that dogs and cats may experience. Here's why this supplement is a vital addition to your pet's wellness routine:

🐾  Specialty Formulated: A master blend of adaptogens, plants, fruits, superfoods, and essential nutrients works synergistically to support balanced immune health and protect against cysts, fatty tumors, lipomas, and other irregular growths.

🐾  Nutritional Support: Delivers premium nutritional value, promoting whole body cellular balance and optimizing cellular health, crucial for maintaining your pet's vitality and wellness.

🐾  Immune System Regulation: Helps to regulate the immune system, crucial for preventing disease and maintaining overall health, by providing the necessary support to either upregulate or downregulate immune responses.

🐾  Detoxification and Recovery Aid: Acts as an adjunctive support for pets recovering from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, aiding in detoxification and reinforcing the body's natural defenses.

🐾  Promotes Wound Healing: Encourages wound healing through collagen production, offering critical support for the skin and connective tissues.

🐾  Holistic Approach: Combines the nutritional powerhouses of the Amazon, Andes, and Humboldt Current in a convenient capsule form, appealing to pets of all life stages and providing a balanced approach to nutrition, vitality, and wellness.

LUMPS AND BUMPS CAPSULES for DOGS and CATS not only aim to address the physical manifestations of irregular growths but also offer a comprehensive solution to support the overall health and well-being of your pet. By incorporating these capsules into your pet's diet, you're providing them with a layer of protection and nutritional support designed to enhance their quality of life and keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

Suggested Use:

For Adult and Senior Dogs and Cats.

Can be fed whole as a capsule or opened up and sprinkled onto wet or dry food.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Gelatin capsules. Contains a proprietary adaptogen blend that includes plants such as Noni and Turmeric.

Turkey flavored capsules. Turkey (real turkey not digest or meal). Flavoring meets and exceeds AAFCO standards.

Expect to use for several months for best results. It takes time for irregular tissues to form and likewise, it takes time to help break down irregular tissue and help reset cellular health. Best used for multiple irregular growths and a number of irregular growths.

Important Disclaimers & Contraindications:

Do not use if your pet is pregnant, nursing, is hypotensive, scheduled for surgery or following an organ transplant, using Co-Q10 enzymes or MAOI inhibitors. Strongly antimicrobial.

It is suggested to use filtered water to help detox your pet. To help break down irregular tissue, a natural anti-microbial action occurs in the body, and filtered water, along with a suggested pet friendly probiotic, may help keep your pet's stomach and stools healthier and happier throughout the process.

Drug Interactions:

Do not use with Co-Q10 enzymes or MAOI inhibitors. Likely interacts with diuretics.


Do not use for more than 90 days without a 5-7 day break UNLESS you feed a premium, holistic diet for your pet, which includes a pet friendly probiotic, as long-term use may lead to die-off of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract and create digestive upset. With use, supplement your pet's diet with probiotics for best results.

Suggested Dosing:

🐾  For dogs and cats up to 12 pounds: 1 Capsule, 1 Time daily

🐾  For dogs and cats 13-25 pounds: 1 Capsule, 2 Times daily

🐾  For dogs 7 cats 26-50 pounds: 2 Capsules, 2 Times daily

🐾  For dogs 50+ pounds: 3 Capsules, 2 Times daily

If you require more information or just want to ask us about what specific product your dog needs, or you are unsure about any ingredients and how they will affect your dog feel free to email us at or if you are on Slack find us at Pawprintsco.

Size: DOG 90 CAPSULES 450 MG.
Pack Of: 1