MKB Football Durable Rubber Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser

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Color: Brown
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Elevate playtime with the Football Toy, an ideal choice for dogs who love to fetch, chew, and seek enrichment. This durable toy is designed for 'power chewers' and offers a unique way to dispense treats, slow down eating, and provide hours of engaging play.


🐾  Durable Chew Toy: Specifically crafted to endure the energy of powerful chewer dogs.

🐾  Treat Dispenser: Fill with kibble, canned food, peanut butter, or custom dog treat recipes. For extended enjoyment, freeze treats inside the toy.

🐾  Slow Feeder: Perfect for dogs that eat quickly, use it to serve meals and promote slower eating.

🐾  Behavioral Benefits: Aids in reducing excessive chewing, boredom, and separation anxiety.


  • Origin: Made in the USA, supporting domestic job creation.
  • Material: FDA compliant, non-toxic, biodegradable material; sustainably harvested to minimize environmental impact.
  • Approval: Veterinarian approved for safety and effectiveness.

Care Instructions:

  • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe, ensuring easy and convenient cleaning.

FAQ: Q: Is the Football Toy suitable for all dog sizes? A: It's designed for powerful chewers, so it suits most sizes. However, always select a size appropriate for your dog.

Q: Can I put different types of food in the toy? A: Yes, you can use a mix of wet and dry foods. Freezing it with treats inside can extend your dog's playtime.

Important Disclaimer: While the Football Toy is designed for durability and safety, no toy is indestructible. Regularly inspect for any damage and replace if necessary. Supervision during play is recommended. As this product is veterinarian approved and made with animal and planet-friendly materials, it offers a guilt-free, safe play experience for your pet.

    REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We stand by our products and offer a 30 day replacement guarantee. While no dog toy is indestructible, this toy has been tooth tested and holds up to the vast majority of dogs. Always supervise dog's play time and remove damaged toys.


      LARGE: 4.25" tall x 3" wide. Weight: 8 oz. For dogs 30-65 lbs/14-23 kg.
      VOLUME: 6 fl. oz.
      Color: Brown
      Size: LARGE
      Pack Of: 1