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Premium Munchworthy Minnows Treats

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 We are thrilled to introduce our premium all-natural human grade Minnows cat food, a product of our proud partnership with an outstanding supplier.

🐾  Introducing our Munchworthy Minnows® – the ultimate treat for every cool cat and dapper dog out there! Sourced from the pristine, clear waters of Wisconsin, these wild-caught minnows are transformed through freeze-drying into sheer deliciousness that your pets will adore.

🐾  Packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, these treats are not just tasty but incredibly beneficial for your pet's skin and coat health. Thanks to the gentle freeze-drying process, every minnow retains its full nutritional value, making these tiny fish a powerhouse of nutrients.

🐾  Ideal as a training treat, Munchworthy Minnows® offer a perfect combination of flavor and function. Reward your pet with these crunchy delights and watch their health and happiness flourish.

Ingredients - Minnows

More Nutritional Information

🐾  Crude Protein (Min%) - 55.49%

🐾  Crude Fat (Min%)  - 23.88%

🐾  Fiber (Max%)  - 1.16%

🐾  Moisture (Max%) - 5.56%

🐾   Calorie content - 4182 Kcal/kg, 118.5 kcal/oz

🐾   ME Calculated