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Organic Catnip Oil

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Revitalize your cat's playtime and surroundings with our Organic Catnip Oil Rejuvenator Spray. Perfect for breathing new life into old toys, making new spaces familiar, and directing scratching habits positively.


🐾  Rejuvenates Toys: Easily refreshes your cat's favorite toys, keeping them enticing and fun.

🐾  Training Aid: Ideal for helping your cat adjust to new beds, blankets, or scratching posts.

🐾  Furniture Protection: Encourages your cat to scratch designated areas, saving your furniture from damage.


  • Contents: Made with pure catnip essential oil and distilled water.
  • Volume: [Specify volume in ml or oz].
  • Packaging: Convenient spray bottle for easy application.


  • Is it safe for kittens? Yes, our spray is safe for cats of all ages.
  • How often can I use it? Use as needed to refresh toys or bedding.
  • Will it stain fabrics? It's designed to be fabric-friendly, but it's always wise to do a patch test first.
  • Did you get your cat have a new bed or blanket? Spray some catnip on it and he will identify it as his.
  • Does your cat damage your furniture with her scratching? Buy a scratching post and spray on the catnip rejuvenator, she will leave your couch alone.

Important Disclaimers:

  • Organic Certification: The catnip essential oil used is organic.
  • Safety: While safe for cats, it's not intended for human use.
  • Avoid Overuse: To maintain effectiveness, don't overuse the spray in one area.
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"K9 Bytes’ pet products are handmade in the USA using quality materials and ingredients. Most of our supplies are also made in the USA. All ingredients in our handmade treats are sourced from the US. We use ingredients you would buy and serve to your family, because we know your pet is a part of your family. As is the nature of handmade products, small variations may occur from the images shown and in each individual item."


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🐾  Part of our limited edition line of exclusive products!

🐾  This premium blend of organic catnip oil is part of our premium collection which we only have a limited amount of stock of due to the rare nature of the ingredients used.

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