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Our Star Crossed Lovers edition - Featuring Our Exclusive Romeo and Juliet Design

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Style: Romeo
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🐾 Introducing the Romeo & Juliet Ombre Rope Leashes: A Tale of Style and Strength for Your Pooch 🐾

Elevate your dog's style with our beautifully handcrafted Romeo and Juliet Ombre Rope Leashes. Whether you choose the mysterious depths of black to blue or the chic transition from black to pink, these leashes add a striking pop of color to any canine wardrobe, perfectly complementing our matching Sassy Woof harnesses, collars, and waste bag holders.

🐕 Key Features: 

🐾  Romantic Ombre Designs: Select from two enchanting color schemes—deep blue for Romeo and delicate pink for Juliet—crafted to capture the essence of each character in color.

🐾  Premium Construction: Made from robust, 100% cotton rope dyed with natural colors, each leash is meticulously hand-spliced and the ends are whipped to ensure strength and longevity.

🐾  Luxury Touches With A Charming Design: Each leash features exquisite rose gold hardware, including a stylish dog charm and accessory ring that adds a touch of elegance.

🐾  Ideal Dimensions: With a thickness of 3/5" and a length of 5 feet, these leashes offer a comfortable grip and ample freedom for your dog during walks.

🐾  Care and Maintenance: To maintain the vibrant hues and quality, hand wash only with soap and water and hang to dry. Avoid machine washing to preserve the leash’s integrity.

🐾  Durable Hardware: The rose gold hardware is designed to naturally develop a patina over time, adding character and beauty.

🐾  Play Safe: While durable, it's advised to avoid rough play and harsh environments like saltwater and muddy areas to extend the life of the leash.

🐾  Color Uniqueness: Due to the hand-dyed process, slight variations in color may occur, making each leash unique.

🐶 Complete the Look: Pair your chosen leash with our Sassy Woof accessories for a cohesive and fashionable ensemble that will have your dog stealing hearts wherever you go.

Step out in storybook style with our Romeo & Juliet Ombre Rope Leashes—where every walk is an episode of love and adventure!

Style: Romeo