Alpha Pak

Heavy Duty Patriot 7MM Kernmantle Rope Leash

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Size: 6 FEET
Pack Of: 1
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Presenting the Alpha Pak Leash, masterfully crafted for medium to smaller dogs, offering a harmonious blend of strength and flexibility. This leash is constructed from slender 7mm Kernmantle climbing rope, renowned for its robustness and durability. It's the ideal accessory for ensuring safety and comfort during walks, whether in urban settings or on adventurous trails.


🐾   Optimized Kernmantle Rope: Thinner 7mm design, with an interior core encased in a woven exterior sheath for enhanced strength and flexibility.

🐾   Heavy-Duty Metal Clip: Rated for over 800 lbs of pull weight, ensuring secure attachment and easy one-handed operation.

🐾   Added Convenience: Includes a small, removable carabiner on the handle for carrying waste bags or keys.

🐾   Stylish Color Options: Available in rose pink, yellow, and dark brown, complementing the diverse collection.

🐾   Ideal for Daily Walks: Perfect for everything from casual strolls to more demanding outdoor excursions.


  • Material: 7mm Kernmantle Climbing Rope
  • Clip Strength: Rated for over 800 lbs pull weight
  • Size: 6 feet
  • Color Options: Rose Pink, Yellow, Dark Brown

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed.
  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme environments.
  • Regularly inspect the rope and clip for signs of wear.


  1. Is this leash suitable for active and energetic dogs? Absolutely, its robust construction is ideal for active medium and smaller dogs.

  2. How do I use the added carabiner on the handle? The carabiner can be used to hold waste bags, keys, or other small accessories for convenience during walks.

  3. Can the leash be adjusted in length? The leash is a fixed 6 feet length, providing ample space for movement while ensuring control.

  4. Are the materials used in this leash durable for long-term use? Yes, the high-quality Kernmantle rope and strong metal clip are designed for durability and longevity.


Size: 6 FEET
Pack Of: 1