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Step into the future of pet wellness with the promising potential of resveratrol for your four-legged family members.

🐾  Unlocking Potential: Resveratrol, a mighty antioxidant derived from the skin of grapes among other sources, is renowned for its extensive health benefits in humans. Now, we're on the brink of discovering how these benefits could extend to our cherished dogs and cats.

🐾  A Beacon of Hope: The most thrilling prospect of introducing resveratrol into our pets' lives lies in its capacity to combat and decelerate cancer progression. With its remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer attributes, the National Cancer Institute highlights that laboratory findings have successfully demonstrated resveratrol's ability to curtail tumor growth by intervening in the cancer development process and effectively limiting the proliferation of cancer cells.

🐾  Health Revolution: Imagine a world where our pets could enjoy the same health advantages from resveratrol that we do. As research continues, the potential for resveratrol to safeguard our pets against cancer and promote their overall well-being is an exhilarating frontier in pet health. Join us on this journey toward unlocking the full spectrum of benefits that resveratrol could offer to our furry companions.

🥣  Suggested Serving Size:


🐾  1-10 lb | 1-3 treats/day 

🐾  11-25 lb | 4-6 treats/day 

🐾  25+ lb 

🐾  8 treats per day (max) 


🐾 1-2 treats/day

Guaranteed Analysis:

🐾    Crude Protein (min.) 60% 

🐾   Crude Fat (min.) 5.5% 

🐾   Crude Fiber (max.) 1% 

🐾   Moisture (max.) 11% 

Ingredients: Beef Liver 

Resveratrol (60mg/treat max)

Important Disclaimers -

🐾  Possible Interactions: Resveratrol could interact with medications your pet is taking. For pets on certain treatments, such as anti-inflammatory or anti-coagulant drugs, resveratrol could potentially cause adverse reactions or decrease the effectiveness of other medications.

🐾  Lack of Comprehensive Studies: There's a scarcity of in-depth research on resveratrol's effects on pets. Most of the available data derive from human or laboratory studies, which might not accurately predict its safety and efficacy in pets.

If you require more information or just want to ask us about what specific product your pet needs, or you are unsure about any ingredients and how they will affect your pet feel free to email us at support@pawprintsco.us or if you are on Slack find us at Pawprintsco.

Size: 4 OZ
Pack Of: 1