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Introducing our Pawfect Pair Vanilla Bone Treats, a delightful duo that's sure to become your dog's new favorite indulgence.  Crafted with love and attention to detail, these bone-shaped vanilla cookies are embossed with adorable paw prints, symbolizing the loving bond between you and your furry friend.

Key Highlights:

🐾   Dual Delight: Each treat features two bone-shaped vanilla cookies, doubling the yumminess.

🐾   Gourmet Filling: Filled with a delectable blend of carob and peanut butter icing for a rich, satisfying taste.

🐾   Seasonally Stylish: Adorned with sprinkles whose colors vary with the seasons and holidays, adding a festive touch.

🐾   Wholesome Quality: Made from all-natural, preservative-free ingredients for a healthy treat option.

🐾   Thoughtfully Packaged: Available in cases of 12, ensuring freshness and convenience.

🐾   Shelf-Life Savvy: Enjoy a month of freshness, with the option to freeze for extended delight.

Treat your beloved companion to our Pawfect Pair Vanilla Bone Treats and watch as they enjoy the ultimate snacking experience. With their perfect blend of flavor and nutrition, these treats are not just a snack but a gesture of your everlasting affection.

Pack Of: 12