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Sea Turtle Swim Dog Bandana

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Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1
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Set Sail for Style with the Sea Turtle Swim Dog Bandana from the Island Vibes Unleashed Collection.

Embark on a seaside escapade with your four-legged friend, adorned with the Sea Turtle Swim Dog Bandana. This nautical accessory is a must-have for any pup ready to frolic in the surf, showcasing an exclusive sea turtle pattern set against a stunning coral reef backdrop.   

Why the Sea Turtle Swim Dog Bandana is a Summer Essential:

🐾 Oceanic Elegance: Dive into the aquatic allure of our unique pattern, where sea turtles glide gracefully through a mesmerizing reef scene.

🐾 Sun & Surf Ready: Crafted from quick-drying and breathable fabric, this bandana is the perfect companion for water-bound adventures, ensuring your pal stays dry and comfortable.

🐾 Wrinkle-Resistant Wonder: Embrace the leisure life; our fabric stays smooth and presentable, freeing you from the worries of upkeep while you soak up the sun.

🐾 Splash of Color: Infuse your dog’s beach attire with vibrant colors and playful patterns, guaranteed to make a chic statement and turn heads along the shoreline.

🐾 Comfortable Fit: Thanks to its slightly stretchy material, the bandana remains snugly fit around your dog's neck, no matter the beachside activity.

Transform your pet's summer wardrobe with the Sea Turtle Swim Dog Bandana and let them hit the sands in style. It's not just a bandana; it's a ticket to an underwater utopia, where every wag signals the start of another unforgettable beach day in paradise.

Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1