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Seaside Sips Dog Bandana

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Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1
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Unveil the Party-Perfect Seaside Sips Dog Bandana

Transform your four-legged friend into the star of the social scene with the Seaside Sips Dog Bandana from our exclusive collection. Perfectly designed for any social gathering under the sun, from lively beachside festivities to relaxed poolside lounging, this bandana brings the essence of a tropical getaway to your pet’s wardrobe.

Spotlight on Seaside Sips Dog Bandana Features:

🐾 Sun & Splash Ready: Thanks to the quick-drying fabric, your dog will stay comfortable and dry, even after a dip in the ocean or poolside play.

🐾  Airy Elegance: Lightweight and breathable, the bandana ensures your pet enjoys the warm weather in sheer comfort, without the worry of overheating.

🐾  Tropical Aesthetic: The vibrant palette is inspired by the zesty hues of tropical cocktails, capturing the spirited essence of summer in every thread.

🐾  Tailored to Explore: With a touch of stretch in the fabric, the bandana fits snugly, keeping up with your dog's every move and making sure they look effortlessly stylish through all activities.

Step out in style with the Seaside Sips Dog Bandana, where function meets flamboyance, ensuring your canine companion is both the best dressed and the most comfortable pet at any festivity.
Size: S/M - 18IN X 10IN
Pack Of: 1