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Solutions Bites (6 Different Options Available)

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Size: 4 OZ
Pack Of: 1
Focus: Immune
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Elevate your pet's wellness with Dr. Becker's Immune Bites, a meticulously crafted treat designed to bolster your furry friend's natural defenses.  Infused with a trio of nature's most potent supplements - Inositol, Olive Leaf, and Cat's Claw - each bite is a step towards optimal health.

Key Highlights:

🐾   Superior Immune Support: With a unique blend of Inositol, Olive Leaf, and Cat's Claw, these treats are specifically designed to enhance and strengthen your pet's immune system.

🐾   Natural Ingredients: Chosen for their proven benefits, these three natural supplements work in harmony to promote a balanced and resilient immune response.

🐾   Health-Enhancing Treats: Beyond their delicious taste, these bites are a powerful tool in maintaining your pet's health, offering the best of nature's defenses in a convenient form.

Ingredients: Beef Liver, L-Glutamine (60mg/treat max), Slippery Elm (35mg/treat max) and Bentonite (30mg/treat max) 

Guaranteed Analysis: 

🐾  Crude Protein (min.) 60% 

🐾  Crude Fat (min.) 5.5% 

🐾  Crude Fiber (max.) 1% 

🐾  Moisture (max.) 11%

Suggested Serving Size (Dogs): 

🐾  1-10 lb 1-3 treats/day 

🐾  11-25 lb 4-6 treats/day 

🐾  25+ lb 8 treats per day (max) 


🐾  1-2 treats/day

Important Disclaimers -

🐾   Not recommended for pregnant animals due to potential effects on fertility and risk of miscarriage.

🐾   May interact with certain medications, such as immunosuppressants and anticoagulants, so consult with a veterinarian before use.

🐾   Caution is advised as olive leaf may lower blood pressure; it should be used under veterinary guidance, especially in pets with hypotension or those on blood pressure medications.

🐾   May interact with diabetes medications due to its potential to lower blood sugar levels.

With Dr. Becker's Immune Bites, give your pet the gift of health and vitality. These treats not only satisfy their taste buds and may contribute to a strong and healthy immune system, preparing your pet to take on the world with vigor.

If you require more information or just want to ask us about what specific product your dog needs, or you are unsure about any ingredients and how they will affect your dog feel free to email us at support@pawprintsco.us or if you are on Slack find us at Pawprintsco.

Size: 4 OZ
Pack Of: 1
Focus: Immune