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Size: 3.5 OZ
Pack Of: 1
Focus: Gut/gi
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Introducing Dr. Becker's Immune Shaker, a groundbreaking approach to pet health and wellness.  Our formula is meticulously crafted with Inositol, Olive Leaf, and Cat's Claw—three powerhouse natural supplements known for their ability to harmonize, strengthen, and enhance your pet's natural defenses.

Key Highlights:

🐾   Natural Ingredients for Optimal Health: Inositol, Olive Leaf, and Cat's Claw are celebrated for their immune-boosting properties.

🐾   Comprehensive Immune Support: This specialized blend is designed to bolster your pet's immune system, offering them a fortifying shield against potential health challenges.

🐾  Perfect for All Pets: Whether you're nurturing a dog or cat, this immune shaker is suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds, providing a universal solution to immune health.

Ingredients: Beef Liver, L-Glutamine (60mg/shake max), Slippery Elm (35mg/shake max) and Bentonite (30mg/shake max) 

Guaranteed Analysis: 

🐾  Crude Protein (min.) 60% 

🐾  Crude Fat (min.) 5.5% 

🐾  Crude Fiber (max.) 1% 

🐾  Moisture (max.) 11% 

🐾  *L-Glutamine 300mg/serving (max) 

🐾  *Slippery Elm 178mg/serving (max) 

🐾  *Bentonite 160mg/serving (max)

Suggested Serving: 

🐾   Dogs: 3-5 shakes for every 10 pounds of weight 

🐾   Cats: 1-3 shakes for every 10 pounds of weight

Elevate your pet's health regimen with Dr. Becker's Immune Shaker, and give them the gift of robust immunity. Perfectly balanced to support and strengthen, it's the ultimate addition to your pet's daily routine, ensuring they're protected, happy, and thriving.

Size: 3.5 OZ
Pack Of: 1
Focus: Gut/gi