The Tire - Reclaimed Rubber Toy

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Elevate Playtime with The Tire from Spunky Pup: A Dental Delight for Your Dog!

Introducing The Tire by Spunky Pup - a revolutionary, eco-friendly toy that merges fun and dental care into one dynamic experience for your furry friend. Proudly made in the USA with responsibly sourced Reclaimed Rubber, this toy is a testament to both quality and environmental consciousness.

Key Features:

🐾  Eco-Friendly Design: Crafted from environmentally responsible Reclaimed Rubber, The Tire is a sustainable choice for eco-conscious pet owners.

🐾  Dental Health Enhancer: Its unique grooved texture is not just for fun; it's designed to promote oral health, massaging gums and cleaning teeth as your pup plays.

🐾  Treat-Compatible: Perfect for adding an extra layer of excitement, The Tire is ideal for smearing with your dog's favorite treat spread or peanut butter, keeping them engaged and entertained for hours.


  • Made in the USA: With a commitment to quality and sustainability, The Tire is a product you can trust, made right here at home.
  • Interactive Play: Whether it's a game of fetch or a treat-filled surprise, this toy promises to keep your dog's tail wagging with joy and energy.
  • Oral Health Care: A playful approach to dental hygiene, helping to keep your pup's teeth clean and gums healthy.

Ready to turn playtime into a fun, eco-friendly, and health-promoting activity? Choose The Tire from Spunky Pup and watch your dog indulge in hours of spunky and spirited fun!


Important Disclamer 

This should not be a substitute for good dental hygiene and proper vetenerian and self care.

Pack Of: 1