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Tiger Stripes Cat Collar

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Style: Tiger Stripes
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🐾Designs: Shooting Stars, Stripes, Batiks, and Other Fun Shapes

🐾Safety Buckle: Quick Release "Break Away" Buckle

🐾Accessory: Ring with Bell


  • Collar Width: 1/2" Wide
  • Adjustable Size: 7" to 12" for an Ideal Fit


  • What designs are available for these cat collars?
    • The collars come in a variety of designs including shooting stars, stripes, batiks, and other fun shapes.
  • What type of safety feature does the collar have?
    • Each collar is equipped with a quick release "break away" buckle for your cat's safety.
  • How wide are these collars?
    • The collars are 1/2" wide.
  • Can the size of the collar be adjusted?
    • Yes, the collar can be adjusted from 7" to 12" to perfectly fit your cat.


Style: Tiger Stripes