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Wheat Free PB&B Granola Bars

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Size: 1 LB.
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Treat your beloved pets to the scrumptious and wholesome Wheat-Free PB&B Granola Bars, a culinary delight crafted with love and care. These bars blend the rich, savory taste of unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter with the natural sweetness of real bananas and dried plantains, creating a treat that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Designed with your pet's health and enjoyment in mind, these granola bars offer a unique snacking experience for your four-legged companions.

Key Features:

🐾   Wheat-Free Recipe: Ideal for pets with wheat sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

🐾    Soft and Crumbly Texture: Perfect for older pets or those with dental sensitivities.

🐾   Vegetarian-Friendly: Made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

🐾   Versatile Treat: Crumble these bars over your pet's regular food for a special, tasty topper.

🐾    Sizeable Delight: A robust treat size suited for larger breeds, ensuring a satisfying chew.

🐾    Universal Appeal: A safe and enjoyable snack option for an array of pets, including pigs, horses, and goats.

Premium Ingredients for Optimal Nutrition:

🐾   Oat Flour & Rolled Oats for heart-healthy fiber

🐾    Peanut Butter & Bananas, a duo of flavor and energy

🐾    Dried Plantains for a tropical twist

🐾    Canola Oil & Honey for a touch of natural sweetness

🐾    Mixed Tocopherols & Potassium Sorbate ensure freshness and shelf stability

Guaranteed Nutrition:

  • Moisture: Optimal at 11.29%, ensuring a soft bite
  • Crude Protein: A solid 16.31%, supporting muscle health
  • Crude Fat: An impressive 30.21%, providing energy and flavor
  • Crude Fiber: A gentle 1.45%, aiding in digestion

Elevate your pet's snack time with our Wheat-Free PB&B Granola Bars, a testament to your commitment to their health and happiness. Each bite is packed with nature's goodness, promising not just a treat, but a celebration of flavor and nutrition.

Size: 1 LB.
Pack Of: 1